Naval School

I was in BE&E school in the navy at Orlando FL base. I had my car. Spring break was going on so me and 3 other friend drove to Daytonna Beach to enjoy spring break. Neadless to say we parked car and walked to several bars. I was drunk as a skunk. So some one else drove back to base. I passed out on drive back. When I woke I was in passenger seat and the sun was rising. I had duty that Saturday so I had to make muster that morning or I would be UA. I woke everybody we where on a rest stop on highway 4 out side of Orlando. We hauled ***. Another problem was as new recruits we could not enter or leave the base unless we where in uniform. So we stopped in a parking lot in Orlando, and changed in the middle of parking lot. Not caring who saw us. Then we hauled A$$ to base, I let someone prk car as I ran to muster. Just in time.
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51-55, M
May 14, 2012