At The Beach With My Sister

When i was younger i used to go to the beach with my sister and her friends.
My sister knew that i was not shy as she had seen me naked several times, so when we were getting ready to go to the beach she dared me not to put on my swimming trunks before we went, she dared me to take them with me and get changed at the beach.
She did not think i would dare to do this as not only would her friends be there there were always others about as well and anyone there would be able to see me.
but i was not going to wimp out on the dare so i did as she asked, when we got to the beach i took off all my clothes, right in front of her and her friends and casually put on my swimming trunks, her friends were just stood there staring, they could not believe a boy they knew had just ******** naked in front of them.
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1 Response Jul 22, 2012

Good for you. As I've gotten older I just forget the swim suit and go naked on the beach. Nobody complains.

Where all are you able to do this? I have done it several times in the Caribbean, but never in the US, except in fairly deserted areas. It is great fun on a crowded beach.