Different Cultures, Different Strokes

I saw recently a video clip on the net where a guy is interviewing an European women about nudity in Australia. She commented on how in Australia everyone seems to cover themselves with a towel when changing in public whereas in Europe people just change in front of everyone without trying to hide it. She also thought it strange how young women would run around in skimpy bikinis but as soon as they put on underwear which showed just as much they would not display their underwear.

Both these comments I found so true. In parts of Europe, I would not say all of Europe changing into or out of swimwear on the beach in front of others without covering up is normal. Brief periods of nudity like this seem acceptable. I had to agree with her regarding the underwear as where ever I went European girls in the backpackers were non-fazed by running around in their underwear whereas Aussie girls and to be fair those from other countries would never do so.

Me personally I have no problem changing in front of others and never generally get embarrassed. There was one time I did though. I had just got out of the coldest lake I have ever swam in and had just removed my swimming trunks when one of two women sunbathing in front of me who it turned out were watching said - "The water must be cold." There I am standing there naked all shrivelled up but not wanting to give them the satisfaction of covering up and displaying my embarrasmment just made a point of staying naked and saying - "Your too generous, yep it was cold but I don't have much to look at for a start." we all had a laugh and I finished changing very slowly and calmly. No guy really likes to show his stuff when there is not much to see and I'm no different really. I don't even like doing it in front of my partner to be honest.
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For a while I lived in Los Alamos, NM, USA. The town was over 7,000 feet in elevation. It had an Olympic size swimming pool where athletes could practice swimming those 50 meter competition lanes. Several European swim teams came to train in the thin air. Exercise in thin air is said to cause your body to produce more read blood cells, similar to outlawed "doping." Then when you return to sea level the athlete gets a couple of weeks of increased capacity until they readjust for thick air.

Several European teams, such as the Italian Olympic Team, would change into their skimpy swim suits in the seats, not in the locker rooms. Word got around town and soon a bevy of local females would be finding a reason to be at the pool to see the very well built Italian Olympic Swim Team change clothes in public. Some other European teams also did the same. People get so weird about nudity. They should just swim naked.

I agree, to get over nudity all you have to do is practice it and you soon realise it is no big deal.

This is so common in Europe that I am sure the team never gave it a second thought. Too bad everyone makes such a big dael about it on this side of "the pond".