The Company Golf Outing

I showed up for the golf outing but I needed to change my clothes. I rode there with a coworker in his car. I walked up to the club house but the women's locker room was closed for a plumbing problem, and the men's locker room was full of people. I didn't know what to do, and I wasn't about to play golf in my work clothes. Dan,( the guy who I rode in with) suggested I change in his car. I agreed it might work, so we walked back to the parking lot. I soon realized it would not work, had had a sporty 2 seater, and there was no room at all inside. I sttod next to his car, contemplating changing on the spot, but Dan was just a coworker and I didn;t know how he would take it.

I had no choice, I told Dan I was gogin to change, and I asked him to be my lookout. I didn't give him time to reply as I pulled my topp of over my head, revealing my black lace bra to him. He stood there staring at me. " aren;t you supposed to be my lookout" I said laughing at him. "I'm looking" he said. I just smirked at him and went about changing. I'm not a shy woman, and I'm proud of my body.

I removed my bra, exposing my huge titts, and Dan let out a "holy ****", again I just laughed. I reaching into my bag and dug out my sports bra and put it on. I took my business skirt off, and was now standing there in stockings, garter, and my thong ( yes I regularly wear a garter belt when I wear stockings. It makes me feel sexy an it holds my stocking up). I unclipped my stocking from my garter, and pushed it off, then I sat on the passenger seat and removed my stockings. I then reached in my bag for my golf skirt, a white pleated skirt, that fell about 4 inches above my knee when I stood up, I put it on. " You better no tell anyone abou this" I said to him. " I won't" he said. " Promise me" I said back. "I promise not to tell anyone I saw your boobies" he said. " Promise not to tel anyone I canged my clothes in front o fyou and you saw my boobies, and I was nearly naked, prmoise you won;t tell anyone that," I said. "OK fine, I promise not to tell anyone I saw you almost naked, and I promise not to tell anyone I saw your amazing titts, and I promise to not tell anyone I saw you in your thong, and that you have an amazing body that is giving me a erection right now."

"Wow, very good," I said. " So um, did you mean all that about how you think I have an amazing body? I mean I'm not al skinny and stuff." Yeah, I meant it, I like curves, and yours are stunning," he said. " And the last part, did you mean that?" He chuckled nervously," sorry I just kind of said it, but um yeah." I reached for his hand and pulled him up closer to me so he was standing inbetween the passenger door. His bulge was right in front o fmy face. " Hmmmm I see, your khakis don't restrain you very much," I said. " I bet you have boxers on too, those are never very good at holing it back", I said in a matter-of-fact way. " Actually, I have boxer briefs on," he said back. "Oh, um, well that changes things," I said. "How" he asked. " Well if you are wearing boxer briefs, and your bulge is that big, you must have a enormous ****." His face turned bright red and he turned away when I looked into his eyes. " You do don't you, and you're shy, aww that's cute." It's only fiar that I get to see it since I showed you my boobs, don't you think? He was very shy, and didn't say anything. I reached up and patted my open hand on the bulge of his khakis. Then I rubbed my hand up and down over the curve of it. The more I did it, the firmer it got. I found his zipper and slowly pulled it down, the pressure opend up the fly on his pants and his black boxer-briefs bulged out from them. I rubbed the bulge with my open hand more. I un buttoned his pants, leaving his belt on. Whn I un buttoned them the bulge pused out more, and I pulled free side of his pants as far apart as I could. His entire black boxer-brief clad package was now exosed and copletley revealed to me. I could see the outline of the rim of the head of his penis through the fabric. With my index finger I traced the rim of it, he was indeed quite large. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed, he moaned softly as I ran my finger back and forth on it. I stopped touching him and I slid my sports bra straps off my shoulders and pushed it down, revaling my breasts to the warm air. "Dan, sweetheart," He looked down at me, then my breasts, I was holding them together, with one arm from underneath. "We are both adults here, and I think we are both turned on past the point of no return." " Do you think we can do this with out ot being weird tomorrow?" he asked. " I know I can," I said, so it's up to you, no strings, ok?" I said. "OK" he said.

I reached up and unbuckled his pants, they fell to the ground. Then I hooked a finger into his waistband and pulled his boxers down to his knees. It sprang out, he was about 9" long and very thick. He was totally smooth, no hair at all, not even on his legs. I ran my hand up hid shirt, his chest was smooth too. His balls were hangin really low, I reached for them, they were as smooth as I have ever felt. I looked up at him. " I wax" he said. I was so turned on, I took his **** in my mouth then and there. He was easily the thickest I'd ever had in my mouth. Thanks to the angle, cause I was sitting lower then his waist, I have to look up at him, and it made it really east to get all of him down my throat after 2 or 3 attempts. He was leaning over the roof of the car as I was going to town on his penis. Each time I bottomed out the tip of my nose into him, his balls slapped my chin. It was making me so horny. I reached up my skirt and started playing with myself. My other hand was reached behind him, squeezing his ***., I slid a finger into his butt and he instantly tensed up. Within secoinds he was ******* down my throat. I milked him dry, and he finally backed away from me. He collected himself, and I did as well. I finished dressing myself, and we walked off to go golfing. Neither of us mentioned the incident, but we did hook up a few times outside of work.

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You are a fantastic woman. I like the way you can adapt to situations that others would shy away from. Thanks

wow hot story -please add me as a friend -i love your stories

Lucky Dan - you rock!

<p>If you want a "lookout" the next time you hook up with Dan, please let me know.</P>

I like it.............a lot. thanks for sharing

We need places to play naked golf. Carpe Diem!