Many Many Times

It used to be a habit of mine, since I was always on the go, I 'd always have a few outfits in my car and an over night bag just in case I'd rarely make it home when I was out on one of my many adventures LOL. I was a student and I worked full time and still made time for a fun social life so really the only time for a change was in my car LOL I was the entertainment for many as they were driving by but really I didn't mind I just laughed as I would see their shocked faces and if they happen to have their spouse in the car LOL even funnier because they'd always try to block their view. I haven't done it on a regular basis in a while now it's one of my hubbys rules, he gets embarrassed if I start to do anything in a car that I'm not suppose to do LOL. Still when I'm running really late and when my hubs isn't with me the car becomes my dressing room still haven't mastered putting on my eyeliner though when driving I have to be parked for that LOL :)

drkiris drkiris
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2010

Coffindancer I never really thought of it that way, the ultimate daring....guess it was just normal to me so I never felt daring doing it LOL I'd always get a good laugh while doing it though. Thanks for reading :)

hammerhead1949 Yes it can be a challenge but I'd always wait til I was driving at a lower speed to do my bottoms LOL and sometimes I'd be changing them at a stop light which seems to entertain the most LOL Thanks for reading

redheadscorpio Yeah I LUV shocking the stuck up ppl it's a hobby of mine LOL Thanks for reading :)