Sometimes just don't have enough time and you know it. So you do it in the car. No big deal. There are ways of doing it discreetly, like in the dark. After work. I mean, who wanders around a parking lot looking to see if someone is changing in their car? Pants? No problem. Changing shirts? No problem. Jogbras are a little harder to do, but feasible. At least, IMHO. Guys are so lucky.
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I remember one girl very clever, when stopped by a cop for failing to maintain her lane, told him there was a bug crawling on her. Then let out a yelp, pulled her shirt open, **** flying screaming, Get it off me.<br />
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He gave her a verbal warning, but she said she was really disappointed because he'd grown a 'very nice sized billy club in his pants'.

The ones that catch you changing are the Lucky guys.<br />
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I have girlfriends who change anywhere they think they can get 'caught' without getting arrested. Though I must say, many of them would not mind being detained and frisked or better still deep cavity searches.