I Needed

...to not even think about it this morning. Not to feel like I had to put something on under this big white t-shirt I was wearing. Why? Because I was helping ***** more wallpaper from my parents' bedroom. When I came down yesterday, I was prepared to stay til at least supper to do what I could to help. So, I brought a change of clothes. Denim cutoffs and a tight purple London Olympics tshirt. But there was more work to be done. We didn't get finished until after midnite last nite, so I slept over. Borrowed a tshirt and bottoms from my sister. Went commando. 
     But this morning I felt the need to be more dressed in front of mom and dad, so I begged my sister for a jogbra. She obliged, of course. But it was several sizes too big. Felt like I was wearing a tank top under my tshirt. I paid no mind to the sweat dripping off me as we worked to ***** another wall and assemble the new bed frame before I drove back home. We worked quickly because my sister had to leave too. 
     Everything done, we had lunch and my sister and I left and went our separate ways. I blasted the A/C cuz I was still sweating profusely. No good. Ten, fifteen minutes down the highway I was still burning up. Really uncomfortable. So I decided to take her jogbra off. It wasn't going to be like taking my own off. I wouldn't have to pull over. No, I got this. 
     So I started pulling the strap off one side. I easily slipped my right arm through the strap. Easy peasy. Looked to the side. Everyone around intent on passing me. No problem. A couple of seconds later, the other strap was off my shoulder. Watching the road. No worries. But here was the hard part-- taking it off over my head. I mulled this over for a moment. Came up with a plan.
      Carefully, eyes still on the road, my left knee helping with control and stability from the bottom of the steering wheel, I lifted my tshirt. Started trying to pull my right arm down under the bra. Lifting my elbow, I felt success. Bra sliding up past my elbow, up towards my hand next to my face. Almost there. Just got to move my hand and I could pull it over my head... and hit a snag. Couldn't do it without losing sight of the road even for a split second. No way.        
      Stopped what I was doing, watching the road ahead, right elbow sticking out, side of the bra up against my hand, boob hanging out. Augh. Glanced to my right and a guy in a pick up truck slowing down to look. My right hand shot up and to the steering wheel. I grabbed the shirt with my left hand and yanked it down. Am I really that much of an idiot?  He grinned, of course, and I looked away. 
     Silly me. I slowed down a little and he took off. Pushed the bra down to my waist and then down my hips and past my legs and feet. So easy. Why didn't I think of it before?!?

Sigh. If nothing else, the west coast is teaching me a thing or two about my clothing. Lol
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Great story!!! Please add me!!

This was very funny....thank you for sharing !

The reason God made full-time breasts on human females was to have you show them to human males (OK I am being generous. Way too many of us clearly sub-human! lol)

So next time, pull over, ***** down and let the men lucky enough get a nice free peek.

Striping while driving is like texting while driving. No a good idea.

I'm just waiting for eating in the car to become illegal. They'll have to shut down every single Drive-Thru in America. Lol

I think letting guys eat you out while driving is very dangerous. They get in the way of the pedals. My solution is to pick up 3 or 4 let one drive while the others eat you and serve up hot dogs in the back seat! lol

Hahaha! I'm sure that's more dangerous than me driving. How do I know the guy driving can keep his eyes on the road? Lol

Tell him if you see him looking in the rearview mirror one more time he will NOT get His Turn! lol

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