It was only a few weeks ago, but on a sunday, I was with Olivier, in his car. He drives a Fiat Cincacentro, and we were going down towards Malmaison (on the west of the Bois de Boulogne). Olivier told me on the backseat of the car there was a gift for me. I found a small cardboard box.

I reached back, as we drove along south of Suresnes, and pulled the box onto my lap. I looked at him and opened it. Inside was a tiny black dress, with spaghetti straps. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a black cotton band-printed (Slipknot) sweatshirt, with black chunky-heeled boots. Underneath, I wore matching red lace bra and g-string. Olivier asked me if I would put the dress on.

I pushed off my boots, and unfastened my jeans, and began wriggling out of them (still seated in the front seat next to him). As I did this I snapped the back of my g-string. I got hold of either side of my sweat and pulled it overhead, and off. I sat in my bra and a snapped g-string, before I took the dress from its box, and scrunched it up so I could pull it overhead.

With my g-string broken, I also removed my bra, so I was naked beneath this new gifted dress, which was a jersey-kind of material. I put my boots back on, and soon we arrived at Malmaison. Fortunately, it was a fairly warm day, so we got out of his car, and Olivier came around to take my hand, and take a look at how I looked wearing his gift.

The surprise for him was that the hem of the dress was only five centimetres below my crotch, so when we climbed the stairs inside the house he made sure he walked behind me.
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I would love to watch you on the stairs