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My gorgeous wife collected me from Manchester airport after a short business trip. I was scheduled to meet some guests and as I had been travelling, my wife had brought some clean clouthing with her for me. we were driving north on the M6 and my wife said that if you don't want any delays you had better change while we drive. After basically getting naked at 70 miles an hour, she said that she needed some ****, she hadn't had any for a week. She pulled over to a service centre, stopping away from the cluster of travellers. She had only just come to a stop when she took my already hard **** into her mouth. I knew I wouldn't last long and told her so. She started telling me the reason she was extraordinarily hot to trot. It was about one of her sessions with a guy who liked dogging and had wanted to take her with him (she never went, with him at the time, and didn't even get round to ******* him) but she loved the fantasy of strangers watching, and maybe invited to participate. We were both getting into the story *** blow job when I had a feeling that someone was around. As she was busy between my legs I had a look around. Not more than 10 yards away stood a guy in his early to mid 30's. I gestured to him to come nearer, an invite he immediatly took up, ending up standing at the window watching my adoring wifes head bob up and down on my ****. The window of the car was closed, as I wispered to her that she had an audience and that I was going to open the window so that our guest could hear the slobbering sounds ******* from her licking my balls, and me ******* her face. The guy asked her to pull out when I came. She became turned on even more knowing that he was watching, and was  even telling her how he wanted the scene to conclude. She was playing with her ***** and ****, really rubbing fast. I knew that she wanted to *** at the same time as me and was trying to get herself to the edge and then wait for me to join her in our ecstascy. I started to *** as she managed to get my **** out of her mouth, rub herself to ****** and offer to kiss the guy while pumping my erupting ****. Is this what is meant by the belief that women can multi-task. I would love to watch her multi-task a group of guys.


Sorry I'm side traking, but just see what happens when you change your clouths in the car !

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She did tell me that on the way to the airport and as she was driving , she passed a truck while having her skirt up around her waist. She slowed down to give the driver a better look. It was very appreciated.<br />
Thanks for your comment, LOL