Stripping While Driving

was coming back from the beach one day it was hot as hell out and the ac was cranked up , the shorts I had were wet from the beach and the sand was starting to rub my **** raw , so I slid them down to change I looked around and I wsn't going to pass any big rigs just some cars and couple of van coming up and I figured that I would have them off and shorts on before I passed any one that could see In , what I had forgotten about was the traffic light  ahead and I got caught at the light, thier I am cleaning the sand off my **** when this motor home drives up the driver is one hot looking chick who glance over and caught me cleaning my **** off, I was watching the light and did see her a first , when she blew her horn I did and thought oh **** going to call the cops on my *** but she rolled down her window and asked me where the closest restroom was that she could park her rig at, told her follow me and show her the boat ramp with the rest rooms , she parked and then told me that she did not get a real good look and wanted me to come over and finish what I had started she though that I was jacking off ,that was the first time that I jack off with some one watching it was a lot fun for both of us

beavereater beavereater
61-65, M
Mar 4, 2010