There's Something Different About Me!

Since I recieved the messages last week that our dear mother in law had gone into a decline in the nursing home we had placed her there is something different in me. Now I have been dealing with aged care people now for 34 years, in nursing them and assisting them. I have a whole different feeling about this. I just cannot put my finger on it. Getting back to last week when the messages came. I went straight into I will be there for you Edna mode. I rang those who needed to know and rounded everyone possible up that needed and wanted to be there. It all went quite smoothly and when the end came my partner and myself were there to the very end. I really do not know if that was a good thing for him or not, but it was his choice in the end. What I do know is that I was not going to let that woman die by herself. I have seen so many go by themselves that if I can have someone with them that is a good thing.

I myself as I was saying before have changed in myself, I truly do not know what it is but being on this side of it now and being part of the family looking into the mirror, I seem to have became aware that nothing I see now is for ever. There is no way that anything is forever now. That is my big come" to terms now Marie"  this is life. I truly hope that I do not become a twisted bitter pertson from this experience, I have just changed.

I suppose I just have to live my life to the best and manage it with all the power I have been give. I do believe that we have the power within us to be strong and get through all our challenges and that is were when and how we die will be the way we die. Just keep believing that all will be good in the end. I truly do Believe.

skeeta skeeta
51-55, F
Mar 5, 2010