.....and I Feel Really Bad.

It's not like me to do something like that and i just feel really, really sh*t right now. I can't believe i let it happen....i wish i could just go back and not be so f*cking weak!!
I went to that party because I knew he'd be there. I wanted to see him. I didn't plan to sleep with him.... i wanted to, but it didn't even occur to me that i would act on that.... He's always had this weird effect on me but i've never done anything about it before so......??
I don't know, i don't what happened, or what i was thinking. Now i can't STOP thinking about it

My boyfriend is a really great guy who's had to put up with alot lately and i can't believe i did that to him.
I feel awful and i just want to fix it or forget about it or......something!!!!
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how is it working out now ?

thats a good thing,,,do you still feel that desire for another guy ?

nothing wrong with that,,you deserve to be toatlly satisfied

whe it did happed I am sure that was the last thing on your mind,,lol

your very open and honest ,would love to be your friend,,add me if you would like

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Horseshit! Cut the Fukkng drama and get a grip! Humans are NOT naturally monogamist creatures honey. With discretion, bang anyone you choose... and keep it between your lover & yourself! :)

Forgive yourself. Then figure out if your bf can handle this. You are not going to forget this, so you need to handle this.<br />
IF your bf can handle it, tell him, if not, tell your pillow.<br />
<br />
Silly girl, we all make mistakes. Hugs

Good for you for telling him. Don't give up on your bf. I hope it will work out. Hugs