Amber's Chiari Malformation

Hello..I am new to all of this and still very confused :( My daughter was born on Feb 25 2011 perfectly healthy..when she started to talk, she was saying three words..but suddenly she lost her speech..she had something like a seizure, scared my husband and I like crazy. The middle of 2012 she started having speech provided by baby net and she was referred to a neurologist...he thought just a delay but he did a MRI and found that she had a Chiari Malformation 1 3 mm below the foramen magnum. She was also diagnosed with speech apraxia last year.She only has a vocabulary of 5 words and sometime I hear no words on days...we use a picture program to promote her to talk and for her to tell me what she wants. She also has some balance problems, ear problems, and she rubs her head a lot in the back.They tested her for seizures with a eeg but it was negative
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After a bad fall I was taken to hospital where I remained for a month in neuro ICU. After an MRI, I found out that a had a chairi malformation. I couldn't walk or have anything on my feet. I had pain in both my feet and legs. Three months after I fell I had surgery. The part of the brain that was affected was all wrapped up around my spinal cord. It took them 12 hours to unravel it and place it in the position it should have been in before the fall. The dr. said that I could have been born with it or it happened when I feel. Couldn't your daughter have surgery? God bless, Kayemouse