Gee, Thanks.

Apparently, I have ginormous hips.  I'm a trim, tall gal overall, but I do have a small waist and am entirely too curvy below. 

I was reminded earlier today when my coworker and I were discussing the mystery that is my being 3 to 4 pants sizes bigger than her (we basically have the same build).  She was kind enough to remark, "You DO have REALLY wide hips, though, so maybe that's why."  I'm certain she meant no harm, but sometimes she hasn't a clue about tact. 

Sad thing is, she's had two children and is still straight as an arrow.  I have yet to even USE my hips. 

Years ago, my sister's coworker commented on the same feature (in a similarly unsolicited fashion).

My sister is also without child and also has no prospects on the horizon.

Woe is us.

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Would you like to meet a woman who is completely happy with her broad hips? Go to YouTube and look up 'bronzehorse146'. She's as sweet as you could ask and wow! What hips!

I'm guessing you look particularly amazing!

as my midwife used to say about hips: "it's not what on the outside that matters, but what's inside". the real childbearing hips have a roomy pelvic circumference measured only by an x-ray or an ultrasound. e.g., my hips have always looked very narrow on the outside but i had really easy deliveries of three big boys. if you are really curious whether they are childbearing or not, get a professional to measure them for you.

I would love to see your hips<br />
I bet you make them look nice :)

Thanks for the reassurance, y'all. :) I'm really glad I happened upon this whole experienceproject thing.

Everybody likes woman-shaped women.

Curvy is good. Dunno what those fool "friends" of yours are goin' on about.

You know, there are more uses for voluptuous hips than just childbearing ;)