I Am Petite, 5'4", Curvy

and 125 lbs, but I also have child bearing hips. I've had 3 babies, with the first my water broke at 5:30, he was born at 8:30. The second one had the longest hard labor, but when it came time to push, 3 pushes and there he was.

On the last one my water hadn't broke but I had had contractions all day. My doctor was getting ready to go home for the evening, I said, "No you don't, just pop this water bag and I guarantee he will be born quickly. Sure enough, he came less than 45 minutes later with minimal pushing.

Your outward appearance is not an accurate indicator of the anatomy of the birth canal.

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Yeah, but all we guys have go on is the outward appearance.

I like hips :)

They start out obstinate & ornery and it just gets worse from there. :-)