Learning Human Beings Can't Fly..the Hard Way!

Lots of kids love cartoons but no parent ever worries about what a kid learns from them. Well when i was six i watched lots of cartoons especially the ones with super heroes in them. Every episode made me feel like i had magic or super powers and the only way to find out was to try. One day i got up determined to fly because it looked fun on TV and i wanted to see if i really had powers i didn't know about. I waited for the moment when everybody was inside then i climbed my favorite tree. The reason why i loved this tree was because it was umbrella shaped, really tall and its branches were arranged like a ladder reaching all the way to the top. I climbed as high as possible, looked to the ground and smiled it felt like i was about to touch the sky. I stretched out my hands to make them feel more like wings, closed my eyes and jumped. Unfortunately i didn't fly, i feel hard to the ground and stayed down for a while because my head hurt so much. After the pain was gone i got up looked around to make sure no one had seen and luckily enough i was still alone outsidei wondered for a while why i didn't fly then i remembered seeing some cartoons using umbrellas to fly. I sneaked back into the house and got the biggest umbrella i could find, it was like twice my size and so heavy but i was determined to fly. I claimed up the tree slowly this time because of the weight of the umbrella and higher than before because i figured i might need more wind to push me higher. I reached the top opened my umbrella, held it tight with both hands, closed my eyes and jumped again. This time the fall was more serious than the first..on my way down i let go of my umbrella and when i landed hard on the ground the umbrella landed on me. My whole body hurt but i didn't want to get in trouble so i didn't tell anyone, i just sneaked back into the house put the umbrella back in its place, went to my room and fell asleep. I woke up hours later feeling much better and ready to try more cool things   
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18-21, F
May 24, 2012