What Is Wrong With My Child? A.d.h.d.


I remember when my son turned 3 and going to visit the pediatrician. What is wrong with my son? I asked. He seems like he has a motor running inside of him constantly. He fidgets, runs, and never slows down. My dr. told me that he was just a healthy boy. Two years later, he was in so much trouble in school they almost held him back. Teachers complained he wouldnt sit still, couldnt focus on lessons and needed to be evaluated. Thus we started him in counseling and he was put on ridilin. Two years later we took him off and experianced with other meds from dr. Eventually, not happy with the side affects, we looked in to vitamins and cutting sugars, continued behavior management therapy and hired a tutor. At one point I even homeschooled and then switched to  a private school where classes were small and offered more individual attention. It takes alot to parent a child with ADHD and we have spent numerous hours researching, going to support groups and trying to educate ourselves. Amongst tears and alot of determination, my children affected with ADHD(3out of 7) are comming around and doing well these days. If you have a child with this, dont give up....educate yourself! And get 2nd and 3rd opinions from drs. Don't settle for less, your children are very intelligent! They just learn at a differant pace. Encourage them and fight for them. Especially at schools cause teachers tend to get overwhelmed too and some just want to overlook them.

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Every child who was diagnosed with ADHD is different. Sure they may have the same symptoms but, approaches may vary...One thing I've learned is that through Music Therapy, children with ADHD can be trained to focus more on their area of interest. Therefore, it can be used in the classroom and may be continued to at home. This way, we can be assured of the continuity of the therapy. Why don't you try it as an alternative to medications..http://music.sound-add-adhd-treatment.com/brainwaves-music-adhd/

It is worth it in the end<br />
both of my older children have adhd<br />
my daughter not as bad as my son<br />
<br />
my son would sleep for 15 min a day<br />
<br />
both have graduated both are living on there own <br />
My son is turning 21 and my daughter is 19<br />
they best is to try and figure out how he learns<br />
can he hear things and remember them <br />
is he visual <br />
I would let my son stay up and watch NOVA and shows like that that piked his interest and then try to help him and the teachers show him the basics (Math English etc) from the tv shows<br />
I downloaded a lot from there web sites Most have a teachers section<br />
I also try to keep it with what was being taught in school<br />
my son did not like history until i found a PBS SHOW called Connections (You can rent it from Netfliks) it shows how unrelated events in history allowed us to put a man in space and other strange things

holy moly Princess! Me toooooo!!! I have two kids with ADHD (2 out of 5) it is a struggle, and I can't afford the tutors. My older one with ADHD is 18 and out of the house now (whew!) I am at a total loss with my youngest. At least his impulsivity is much better. When he was younger, we were on a first name basis with the plastic surgeon! lol