Grown Now

both my older children have ADHD

they never out grew it

my son has it worst as a baby he would sleep only 15 -20 min a day

he did out grow that but he would still move in his sleep

both have graduated both are living on there own
My son is turning 21 and my daughter is 19
they best is to try and figure out how he learns
can he hear things and remember them
is he visual
I would let my son stay up and watch NOVA and shows like that that piked his interest and then try to help him and the teachers show him the basics (Math English etc) from the tv shows
I downloaded a lot from there web sites Most have a teachers section
I also try to keep it with what was being taught in school
my son did not like history until i found a PBS SHOW called Connections (You can rent it from Netfliks) it shows how unrelated events in history allowed us to put a man in space and other strange things

librakitty05 librakitty05
41-45, F
Feb 16, 2009