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Well I am new to this blogging but am really excited to connect with others who also have children with ADHD, I myself have two children my daughter is 9 years old and she is very hyper active which drastically effects her ability to pay attention,and then my son who is 12 difficulty is more with attention. 

        Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I have three beautiful children, Caitlynn who is 15 and Jesse who is 12 and Sidonie is 9. I have been married to my best friend for 17 years. For the most of the 17 years  I have raised the kids on my own.  My husband runs his own company which takes up a lot of time he is around more than he used to be though.  My oldest is probably one of the most easy going kids I have seen, she is very active and really knows who she is as a person which is great. But as for the other two that is another story, the struggles we have are on going and daily.  With my son we did not see his ADD until he was in third grade and his ability to retain anything was nil and he was way behind in reading so we had him tested and they did diagnose him with ADD but not a sever case. With my youngest I kind of knew from the beginning she was way more active than my other two and she had no sense of danger or fear, the fact that she ran everywhere was another indication it was like she physically could not just walk you could see her try but she would eventually be in a fast pace in a few seconds time. 

     It was in kindergarten that it became evident that Sidonie was struggling to just sit in her chair and she  would make decisions without even thinking about it that often would get her in trouble. I felt so bad for her because the teacher she had was always sticking her in a time out chair she would come home and say Mommy I really am trying to be good.(insert tear here)  I had her tested and the doctor said that often when kids get tested there is usually some margin of doubt but in Sidonie case there was no doubt.  Then the discussion arouse do we medicate or not.  Well after much thought we knew that she was not functioning well at all in school and was constantly in trouble of course her stupid teacher would not budge at all with finding other ways to help Sidonie we choose to try medication.  Over the years we had gone through many different ones  until we found one that stuck it seems her metabolism is so fast it just burns everything up.  I always describe Sidonie has a motor that never runs out of gas. At times if you really stare into her eyes you can actually see them just moving at a rapid speed.(kind of scary)  The medication does allow her to function in school and make friends but there are still difficulties we face.  Even though it has been 4 years we still wonder what could we be doing different to make things better for her and our family life.




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Feb 17, 2010