A Late Bloomer

I got married for the 2nd time at age 34, had my first baby at 35, my second baby at 38 and just had our youngest ( and last) at the ripe old age of 44. It was a bit of a surprise and terribly nerve wracking knowing all that could go wrong but we went through amniocentesis and a text book pregnancy and delivery and thank god everything is just fine with the baby and my two older children now 10 and 7 are just crazy about her. We recently moved to the southeast coast of US from the upper midwest and apparently all the women here are grandmothers by my age and I often have to correct strangers that Im not the grandmother to the baby. I find that so incredibly annoying. Look at all the hollywood actresses having babies late in life, am I really so unusual?
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I have older kids, 22, 19, and 16. Then I have a surprise 2 year old. We are in CO, and more often than not, people think the baby is my grand child. It helps alot that I didn't show much. And kids later in life...well, it's a whole new perspective. Hang in there!!

Sweet heart, there are so many men and women who have put off marriage and having families late in life because their careers had no room for kids or marriage or other very good reasons as yours. A lot of women are having menopause very late in life now days and a lot of accidents are happening at the good old ages of 40 to 55. So, are you unususal? Not at all, just normal. I would advise you to stay in shape, those little stinkers will want mom to climb and go down a lot of slides and go with them down the highest water slide and scarriest ride at six flags. Hey, be a kid again with your little experts. I am sixty with grandkids ages 6 to 15. Guess who they want to go on the tallest, fastest, scarriest, gut wrenching rides --- good old fat, bald, grandpa because he screams like a girl. Love them with all your heart, they grow up fast.