And Another Thing I Learned ..

Another thing I learned from my children was to forgive my parents!  So many of the difficulties my parents faced were invisible to me because they they didn't occur to me as a child.  Having repeated some of my parents mistakes and invented a few of my own I feel more understandiing and appreciative of them.  So along with all the joys of parenthood I have gained, because I have really enjoyed  my children, I also lost the burden of all those grudges I carried. Great!

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Nice story.

and dont you just hate it when you come out with their sayings....."eat all your food, don't you know there are children in Africa starving?"<br />
<br />
I could never work out how eating MY food was going to help the starving children

My mother used to say teenagers were a grandparents revenge.<br />
<br />
Now as I'm a mother of a 17 year old, I realize MY mother wasn't always right, but about this, she was spot on !

That does happen as we get older and gain new insight!