Hi all I'm in my 30s and have cholesteatoma only just found out in feb after 2years
Off ear infections, I only found out after I got fed up with the pain and the infections
So changed my doctors too refur me too the E.N.T ward at the hospital
Had the C.T scan and was confremed as cholesteatoma growth . Had the ear flushed
Out to remove the infection it's ok so far still gets a bit sticky in there some times but lot better than it was
But can feel the growth in there . Have me ggod and bad days with it
Having me op on the 18th July , if anyone has had this op please get in touch would like to find out more and what to expect
After many thanks
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AAAAHHHHH!!! - microsuction only - the flulshing can promote the ear infections that case the cholesteatoma, my daughters surgeon was clear about this. My daughter has custom made swim moulds that keep water out. It is worth asking about the conditon of the middle ear and eustachian tube, as these affect re-occurence, ask the silly questons of your doctor also. take care

Hello - Thank you for posting. I hope you found some answers prior to your surgery so that you could know more what you might expect. Although I'm told everyone's experience is a little different. Please let us know what ended up happening. How are you doing now?

have you had your surgery? You sound just like my husband, he had ear aches for 2 years and his primary dr never knew what was wrong. We finally went to an ENT 2 weeks ago and he was diagnosed right away. We do ear drops and antibiotics for now and surgery next week as long as his MRI comes back showing good news. I feel for you. This is a strange disease