Thank Goodness The Internet Has Cholesteatoma Info

I have had a "bad" ear for nearly 60 years. Started in childhood with what was diagnosed as a boil in my ear canal. The "doctor" lanced it and perforated the eardrum. I have had tubes inserted numerous times and of course lots of pain. In September 2012 I began with a copious gooey green drainage from the ear. Treated myself for awhile then went to my GP who prescribed antibiotic drops. They didn't help. Spent November in Florida, but made the appt to see an ent in December. Long story short, have surgical consult this coming Monday, the 14th of January . Lots of anxiety, but have found the Internet to be my most valuable information source. Will try to repost as this thing progresses.
Macneanie Macneanie
2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Have you had your surgery? I read your post and was wondering how it turned out. I have just found out I have a cholesteatoma and just starting on this journey :(

Hello - I just found out I have cholesteatoma as well. Since it is now several months since you posted - what has your experience been so far?

7:30am. Waiting to leave for my first pre-surgery meeting with dr. Bien in Columbia Missouri. Didn't sleep well from nerves I guess. Will b glad to get some definite answers. Guessing is tiring me out.

Hello - I love the photo of your kitten. I also would love to hear how your experience has been so far - did you have the surgery?