So Scard Dont Know What To Do.

  I have an  Cholesterol granuloma of the left  petrous apex .   Can someone please tell me about this  ,  I'm  to have a operation on March 29 , 2010 but I'am so afraid to the point I'am getting very depress and over come with fear .

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Since some time has passed since your comments, I am wondering how you all are faring now. My daughter, 10, has undergone two surgeries to remove an undetermined number of cholesteatoma (the ear canal was packed full of them, and had dissolved all of the hearing bones). They put in plastic prosthetic bones, but when we went for a checkup, the cholesteatoma were back, and she has to have another surgery. The doctor says she may be dealing with this for the rest of her life, so I'm looking for any kind of happier outcome. Anyone with any hope for me?

I know it's a while since all of your questions, but thought I would post my experiences in case they help you or anyone else in the future.

I was diagnosed with a cholesteatoma when I was about 8 years old in my right ear. This then resulted in several operations. I had mastoidectomies to remove the cholesteatoma (this grew back after the first one), then I had tympanoplasty operations to re-build the middle ear. I then had an operation in my early twenties to stop some (smelly) discharge that was coming out of my ear. My last operation was in my late twenties to remove a cholesterol granuloma that had grown in the cavity. Touch wood, I've been OK since.

I came to terms with the fact that this would affect me throughout my life a long time ago. I can never get any water in my right ear so can't go diving or anything like that. However, I try to stop it getting in the way of enjoying myself. My local hospital's hearing aid clinic makes me a specially fitted ear plug for a small charge that enables me to go swimming (normal ear plugs don't seem to sit right in my right ear as it's a funny shape). As I've had this for most of my life, it just seems normal to me now.

Hi guys- I had a cholesteatoma removed from my left ear at age 15. Due to it's pervasiveness I lost 2.5 of my 3 hearing bones. My doctor then installed a cadaver bone in an attempt to recover some hearing. It's now 22 years later I've been living with about 20% hearing in that ear ever since. A few days ago I had a CT scan to see if my hearing may be corrected with surgery. My appointment with my specialist is November 2nd and he will determine if I am a candidate for an operation. My nerve is 100% healthy so that's a good sign. My ear drum is extreme abnormal so that raises some concern. Although I am afraid of going under the knife I feel I should jump on a chance to hear again if possible- especially while I have insurance!<br />
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In regards to my experience- the operation and recovery really were a breeze despite the fact that I had the double entry- through the ear and a drill behind the ear through bone.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your experience, Seth. As it has been a while since you posted - did it turn out that you were a good candidate for the hearing restoration operation? Also - it is inspring to hear that you had one surgery for c-toma removal over 22 years ago without a recurrence. If I might ask - What type of surgery did you have back then - and what country are you in? You are one of the only people I've heard of who actually only had to have one surgery where it hasn't come back. I am so hopeful for your hearing restoration as well. I hope we hear from you.

I had a cholesteatoma (c-toma) operation 20 years ago. It had done quite a bit of damage. I was young and do not remember much but I have been having problems recently and they found 2 c-toma's this time. I am waiting to see the surgeon and like you very anxious, depressed, and scared out of my mind to say the least. From what I have researched in medical articles from my school they have come a long way with surgery and options for treating this hidden condition. Do your research and talk with your surgeon about your fears. How did your surgery go? How was your recovery? Did they remove the c-toma entirely?