2Q37 Deletion Syndrome - The Story of Taylor

I have created a blog at 2q37-deletion-syndrome.blogspot.com and a facebook page at facebook.com/2q37deletionsyndrome. I would love to have more post in the facebook page and see others just like my daughter who have 2q37 Deletion Syndrome. :) The blog is to educate and bring awareness to the rare and unique 2Q37 Deletion Syndrome as I share my experiences of my daughter, Taylor Leanne, who suffers from this chromosome deletion. I hope with Facebook we can share our experiences together and create unity based on 2q37 Deletion Syndrome.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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My daughter is 16 years old, born with 2q37. We live in Cape Town, South Africa.
Would very much like to be in touch!

Hi Jenna, my two and a half yr. old grandson Dominic was diogionsed about a year ago.
I thought it was the worst news I could ever hear. My heart ached with sadness for my daughter and her husband and my 2 other grandchildren. I thought why ? and cried and cried for days. That has all changed. My grandson has stolen my heart and I never knew I could love one beautiful boy soooo much. I realized my sadness only made my daughter sader and scared, I needed to let her see how I reacted. This was not the worst thing in the world we could do this there would be sad days and happy days but he was in are life only to make us better. He is a charmer and knows it. I truly could not imanage my life with out him. Just the way he is...Thank you so much for your blog.