Our Little Guy Has Chromosome 8q 22.2 Deletion

Hello all! Our little guy is just 5 and we discovered from his Autism specialist that the results of a genetic test showed he has deletion of the 8q 22.2 chromosome. We already have been learning everything we can about high-functioning Autism / Aspergers Syndrome and Sensory Integration Disorder and seeing him through drug-free occupational, behavioral and dietary therapies and then this new facet comes along. Can anyone give me some insight as to what this might mean? I have an appointment with the geneticist to have it all explained to me in January, but am trying to steel myself for whatever news I may receive.
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Hi, did you get any information back on your son's deletion, I've recently found my son has the same deletion, we have just been entered into the ddd study.. My son has marked microcephaly as well. I would be very grateful to hear what's been going on with what's been said if anything for you guys! Many thanks :)

We just found out our son has partial deletion of chromosome 8 as well - not sure what this all means yet - he has developmental delays which was the reason for our developmental ped visit so they are now doing testing on myself and my husband to learn more. We were told this could be the reason for his delays, but not much else. Would love to hear from others.