Pain And More Pain

Hello understand I don't  want to sound like a big cry baby..but then maybe I am...Im a 58 yr old lady with lots and lots of pain. It has been a year now that i had major surgery...a three level fusion...level 1,2, and 5. have lots of hardware inside of me. Doctors are telling me that this surgery was suppose to correct everything that was wrong with my lower back. Well guess what? It didn't, now I have a new kind of pain, deep hard pain. There are times that it hurts so bad that walking or anything else that I do normally is out of the question. Now what??  Living on meds that really don't work..sigh  what quality of life does pain bring  ..very little...I do wish I had just one whole day with no pain..what happiness that would bring..anyway..all comment are welcome..let me know what you do to help pain..or if you just wish to stress to me....thanks..this is Sara signing out for now..toodles all
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I agree wth you @sara1952. Taking medicine every time you feel pain is not a good idea.

Chronic pain of the back can put a serious damper on your daily lifestyle. It can prevent you from doing your daily life tasks.

This is why it's so crucial to find a suitable treatment plan for your specific case of chronic pain.

There are many other options like massage therapies, relaxation therapies, meditation, acupuncture, tai chi,and sometimes even behavior modification that prove beneficial results.

I am suffering from back pain myself and I go for acupressure sessions and my pain has reduced.

Hi I'd Like to help u when will u be online?

Sara on the Internet lookup spine-healthe. You have to join it to receive their news letter. It has great information. From Prouder

Hi Sara, I have cervical fusions, lower back fusions and my colon was removed. I cannot take pain meds or muscle relaxation meds, it slows down my small intestines. If I take these meds I could end up with a blockage. All I take is Advil or Tylenol or both. At bedtime I take a sleeping aid. I'm Greatful for sleep by the end of the day. I have an electic heating pad that I'm also Greatful for. Does heat help?Have you tried epidurals on your lower back? I have it helped for a few months. I also go into a therapeutic pool. The water is 92 degrees, or maybe a whirl pool? I'm sure you probably had physical therapy. If you did, did you have hands on therapy along with stretching exercises. I have had all kinds of physical therapies, but hands on is more gentle.<br />
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I'm hoping to have Botox injections to my neck muscles so they will relax enough to turn my head and hopefully stretching exercises will be more beneficial. <br />
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There is a Nurostem (not sure of the name). It is surgically implanted along the spine and you wear a small box. I think it works like a tens unit. <br />
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Pain is the hardest for doctors to treat especially if surgery didn't work. I know, I've had many surgeries cervical and lower back, pain going on since 1981. Now a days doctors do not handing out pain medication. Mine would like me to get off sleeping aids, but the best part of my day is at bedtime after the sleeping med kicks in.<br />
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Try researching on the Internet on pain after spinal surgery. Otherwise, at the end, I'm afraid it's one step at a time, literally. Sara hang in there. Feel free to send me a message anytime. From Prouder

Have you considered seeking out a pain management specialist? There are numerous things they can do now days to relieve pain without a bunch of meds. <br />
I wish you the best in your quest for relief.

so so sorry for you life was not ment to be like this for you my dear friend doctors sometimes make mistakes go see someone else, another doctor you all ready have but there must be a doctor somewere to help you in the mean time lay in bed best as you can and open your bible start reading the new testement and a lot of your questions will be answered about the lord jesus and along the way the pain might become less i will pray for you irene 997.