It's Not There...

...twenty-four/seven, but it's always in the same lower-back areas, can be set off by as little as bending down to put on stockings or slip on a pair of shoes, and the pain is often a mofo. Sharp, burning, tearing feeling, like "yeowww!" And several times during the year it's SO damn bad - a "10" :'( - that i can hardly move, having to use my arms to lift my legs off the bed or to steady myself into bed. And shoes or stockings? Fuhggeddabowdit! And absolutely the only relief other than "days" is a very good chiropractor - one of which I have, thank goodness & God bless him. (He's a big guy now, but he was just a little squirt when his dear sister and I were high school classmates.)
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Hi I'd love to help u when will u be online

i can totally sympathise. i have back problems for many years now. and when i mess it up (by picking something up, or sneezing or getting out of bed or some other stupid thing) the only thing that really fixs it is my chiro. <br />
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something i have found that does hep is an inversion table. i first tried one at my old chiro and it was fantastic. so fantastic in fact, that i bought one for home. i am supposed to use it daily and i really should, but hey - discipline isn't my strong point - so i only use it when im in pain.<br />
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i have had scans and xrays etc and refused surery (nothing they can really do - they just want to 'get in there and see what we find'). however i had xrays a couple of months ago and found something new that i want to have checked out so need to make an appointment with a specialist. <br />
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anyway, i know that sinking feeling in your stomach when you feel that 'ouch' in your back and know you've messed it up again and that it can take weeks to get over it. i know how down it gets you. and i know how hellish it is.

your words are 100% EXACT! i couldn,t add to them.