Ihad A Spinal Fusion Op In 2010

it is now 3years since my op i had a disc removed then fused then a cage of titainium and pins built the first year was quiet good but the last two years have a round of constant pain ive had most pain killers on the market plus pills for nerve damage but to no availe my surgion has said there is nothing else he can do as is sorry that it did not work for me i am a young 67year old and find this hard to takeas my mobility is very limited my husband is very good i hve now asked to visit a rumatolagis to see if he can find any other problems. Is there anyone else out there who has suffered these symtoms .Chris
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I had/have the same experience. I'm 24 and in 2010 I too had a fusion with the cage and screws. I improved for about 6 months then started to deteriorate. I'm now in more pain than I was before surgery and my mobility is down to almost nothing. I'm hyper-sensitive to pain medications so many simply made me horribly sick and I had to take such high doses of others that they became too risky to continue. My husband too is wonderfully supportive. I'm about to start a new series of alternative treatments. I wish you luck in finding some relief.