I Have Chronic Back Pain

In October of 09 I had two Lumbar disk pretty much fall apart and I had surgery through my Abdomen to place jacks to lift the Vertebra and remove the pieces of disk (three hours). Next I had the two fused with donor marrow, plates and screws. After the nearly 11 hour surgery we realized that I had nerve damage to my Urinary system and my Colon. They were paralyzed for about the first year and now they have a mind of their own working fine very little, working half way a lot and working none sometimes. Of coarse on top of that I deal with Lumbar back pain daily, some worse than others but none the less it's daily. I have tried near 25 different meds both for pain and neuro and i've seen multiple doctors and am at a dead end for now. In June of 2010 I retired at 38 years old and still awaiting disability. I'm on my third mattress and I use a wedge pillow under my legs. I am currently looking at a Tempurpedic split King with the Ergo Advanced base, anyone with other opinions or experience do tell. I very rarely relax or watch TV anywhere other than the bed. On a good day I can use my recliner for an hour or so. I do very little lifting and if I have errands to run about a half day out of the house is about it.
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Jan 10, 2013