I Hate The DEA.....

I have had stenosis, ankling spondilytis, and scoliosis but to hear most doctors speak one would think I only had a mere boo boo. I have seen every pain specialist in a 50 mile range. I had a great one, but being my first one too, I didn't know not all pain doctors are the same. Boy did I make a mistake when I left the good one for the closer one. Now the good one won't take me back. I have tried as have other health professionals but no dice.

I have had this pain since almost 25 yrs. and am at my wits end. The good doctor had me on morphine and my new one thinks arthritis meds will be all I need. Where did he get his lisence. Since the DEA has gotten on such a tear, nobody will prescribe pain meds anymore. I have to say I see their point but of course disagree. I have even read where ppl in hospice are being denied pain meds. Now that is really going to far.

I have been to so many doctors, ortho, neuro, gp's pain management. Is there somewhere I have failed to try. Maybe I am just too depressed and not seeing the forest for the trees. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Don't you just hate that your pain is in someone else hands I hate that doctors have that power over people and the DEA has the power over doctors , they care less of your in pain; they just want money and power. We the people will get rid of these government demons it just takes times and persistence , until then you and I have to go to states that take better care of there pain patients like Colorado where they are developing strain of marijuana for different conditions of pain.

I had a friend named RJ who had similar pain and frustration. I wish I could help you more. I used a topical I bought at the Mall of Memphis ... smelled awful ... but gave me relief. It has been a year since you posted this so I hope you found some relief. Sabrina

I feel your pain. After 3 years of sheer torture from the sciatica and lower back pain from 5 bulged discs I found a pain management facility that would prescribe a drug that actually worked. Oxycodone is a wonder drug. 2 months ago due to threats by the DEA my Dr. stopped prescribing Oxy as well as Methadone. I will run out this week and am starting a new job today. Pray that I am able to handle the withdrawl that is inevitable.

I can completely relate, I have been on narcotics for my chronic pain illness since I was only 13 years old, now I'm 23. I automatically get the stigma attached to me as a drug seeker due my age even though they can see the proof. I've had great pain doctors and horrible ones who dont realize what actual pain I'm in 24/7. The best advice I can give you is to go online and read reviews on pain management doctors, see how they are with prescribing medication from other people who have seen them or get your PCP to give you a referral to one.I know how you feel, it feels like your being dismissed and ignored and just not taken seriously when this is something that basically controls and dictates not only what you can do in life but your well being and mental state. Keep fighting be your own advocate.

Have you tried Sarapin injections? I work with a chiropractor who has a score of patients (I interviewed quite a few of them) who had chronic pain, but had real improvement after getting Sarapin injections.