Lower Back Pain

For the past 8 years, I've had off and on again lower back pains.  It started when I was about 34.  They're not constant.  I have long periods of no pain at all and then one day...bam.  It's back.

I have, over the years, went to various doctors who prescribed anti-inflamatory drugs and pain killers.  While those killed the pain, they basically made me a human vegatable.  I could not function.  All I could do was sleep...23-24 hours a day but at least I wasn't in pain.

I've been to chiropractors who have basically given me wonderful massages and taught me some exercises to strengthen my lower back muscles but these didn't have long term effects...the pain still returned.

I have been so afflicted with pain that I've literally not been able to draw a breath comfortably, let alone stand, sit, walk or basically have anything like a normal life.

It had been maybe 6-7 months since my last bout of severe back pain and then 2 weeks ago it was back, strong as ever.  I decided that I need to do something to help.  I've always imagined just how good it would feel if someone could pop my spine out, give it a real good shaking out to loosen it and then put it back in.  Well...I'm not made of plastic and my spine just can't be popped out and back in.

I did some research about inversion therapy and found several websites where people talk about lower back pain the seems to shoot down into the hip and into the upper leg as mine did (sometimes you would see me walking with a limp from the pain).

So I decided to try it.  I found a really good sale on an inversion table and bought one.  It was delivered last night and I put it together (miraculously, my back stopped hurting after it was ordered).

So I got it put together and strapped in and took off.  I didn't do a long hang and definitely wasn't trying to go totally upside down on my first time.  I did a pretty steep angle for about a minute and boy, did my back ever start popping!!

I got back down and what a difference a minute can make.  I felt better.  I didn't hurt to begin with but my back actually felt better afterward.  I'm going to do another minute on it later today and gradually work up to 5 minutes on it a day just to keep my spine stretched.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that this actually stops the back pain completely.

Has anyone else tried inversion therapy and how were your results?

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I purchased an inversion table a couple of months ago for middle back pain. I am now up to 15 minutes a day and it has reduced the pain tremendously. By the way, anyone ordering them online should check out hayneddle.com, the inversion tables are the same price as elsewhere but they ship free and in 3 or 4 days.

It's a Gold's Gym one...I bought it at Walmart Online. I got it the week after Thanksgiving and they were doing an internet special that week. I got it for roughly 1/2 the normal price. They're normally about $150.00 but I got mine for $90.00 plus shipping and tax.<br />
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Read the customer reviews there too. I posted one as well. Lots of satsified people. Hint...you have to assemble it yourself and it took me about 3 hours by myself but well worth the effort.

Roaring 20's, could you give us the info about your table. I know there's a few different ones out there. Some are probably good & some less than ideal. Where did you get yours, what brand, & if you don't mind - cost? I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! =-))

Yeah, it's great. Literally 5 minutes a day and I'm free. Finally after all these years I am free.

Yes it definitely does help me. Now I invert for a few minutes a day and love it. I feel much better now. Better than I've felt in years.<br />
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I really do recommend them if your backache is chronic. It did wonders for mine. No back pains and no pills!! Woo Hoo!!

Hey, that sounds great! (Let me know if it works - I'll check back here to see) I would give just about anything, ok, anything to ease this back pain which has been constant for what will be 12 years in July. I've thought about an inversion table, but didn't really think it would help. I sincerely hope this helps you! Good luck & take care. =-)

That sounds good...but in a couple of weeks :-p

Since my mind was stuck in the gutter, I forget to offer you a back massage. <br />
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Wine and a massage. How about that?

It would not take much modification to become one. LOL

Again, this sounds incredibly similar to some sort of S&M contraption. <br />
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I want one.

I will definitely keep posting updates for anyone who wants them.<br />
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If the rest of the results are like after that 1st minute I'm hooked. Even today I felt better...no stiffness when I got out of bed which is a first in a long time. I've always had a stiff back since the backpain started...even when I didn't have the pain.

Never tried it.But I have neck and back pain toooooo!!!!Would love to know how you do.Let me know you're results. Good Luck