Crazy Back Pain

 For about four years now I have had rheumatoid arthritis in my lower back.

It slowly progresses though out the day. By night time I have to lay down. I try

to be cheerful and live with it, that is hard! Sometimes I just cry and get on with my

day. What else is there?

debysboys27 debysboys27
51-55, F
7 Responses Apr 8, 2009

I know it's difficult. But living the best we can is what our life is about now. It may not be what we had planned for life but who ever gets what they plan. I take Tyelno PM or Advil Pm or once in a while I take my presc<x>ription sleeping pill. That helps me get sleep. Usually Am and PM is my worst time. I hope you'll get some relief. Hang in there debysboys27. From Prouder

Hi Debby,<br />
Are you located anywhere near the woodlands, tx? Might know someone who could help.

Probably not. But I should be able to find one around <br />
<br />
here. Thanks for the help!!

Thanks honey. Thats a thought for sure. I haven't been<br />
<br />
to a chiropractor yet. My son was born with one less disc<br />
<br />
in his back. That could be my problem. It is just like any <br />
<br />
other problem, you just deal with it.

Hi Debby:)<br />
<br />
I can really sympathise with what you say. If I had've noticed this story before, I would have answered before now, anyway I digress.<br />
<br />
My partner has had a chronic lower back problem for at least 16-17 years, the roots of it might've started before then.<br />
<br />
My partner went to an osteopath for a number of years, and over the last few years has been seeing a chiropractor. I also massage her a bit when she needs it, I've gotten quite good at it now! She doesn't need to see the chiropractor too often nowadays, so hopefully she's been of help, along with my own top up of course!<br />
<br />
Anyway, might be another avenue to think about.<br />
<br />

No I haven't . That is really something to think about!<br />

have you tried natural therapies, such as reflexology, or accupuncture.