I Have Cfs Also

I am 45 years old and I've had CFS for a number of years now.  I'm a stay at home mom. I did try to work some years back but my neck swelled and hurt, my throat was always sore and the brain fog made me slow and not a competent worker.

I could never sleep when I needed to and wanted to sleep when I couldn't. Which is always true. Working 8 hours or 12 hours did not guantee that I'd sleep any time at all aftewards, or I'd need 20 hours sleep to catch up.

I love plants, animals and books. I play a lot of games on facebook and I'm in some wonderful, supportive CFS/FM groups in facebook.

I've been searching for a group related to CFS pen pals, or Chronic illness Pen pals or something like this but I haven't been able to find any.

Lately I've been reading self help books.  They won't heal me but they help to keep my thoughts a bit brighter and lighter.

Since I'm home alot and don't get out I don't want to sit around thinking about the hurts of the past.

Right now I'm reading The Ultimate Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra and enjoying it.

I've been checking out CDs and books from the library dealing with postive thoughts
and help to think happy.

Thank you :)   ---  Dec.2 2011  Having a tough time right now.  Heavy, thick head. I can't nap or snooze during the day. I'm tired early in the evenings and waking up early.  I know CFS involves somnia and fatigue and sleep is all over...Right now I'm hating this thing of not being able to snooze at all during the day and waking up early. Even if I stay up until 11pm ..and my eyes are falling shut, I'm waking up at 4 or 6am and hating it.

I hope this will pass soon.  It is leaving me really messed up and tons of brain fog.
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Hi. My story is very much like your own! God bless. I have added you. CFS is dreadful isnt it?

Hi. Yes, it is dreadful. There are some support groups in facebook. One of the best things about facebook is the large support groups they have for everything.
The sleeping is insane, up at 2, back asleep at 4, up at 7, snoozing by 11. I find it near impossible to get anything done.
Thank you :)

f you think you may have CFS, this "Do I Have CFS" questionnaire can help familiarize you with the symptom patterns and exclusionary conditions that lead a health care professional to make a CFS diagnosis. <br />

Almost everyone experiences fatigue from time to time. But for at least one million U.S. adults, teens and children, the fatigue is crushing, unrelieved by rest and accompanied by a constellation of other punishing symptoms. They suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (or CFIDS). Its symptoms are debilitating enough to destroy good health and active lifestyles, end fulfilling careers and devastate families

May i ask how you were diagnosed with this disease?....sometimes i wonder about it myself...but there's a million reasons for not sleeping....mine is probably just good old fashioned depression :

I went to a sleep clinic. The doctors there are sleep specialist. They are familiar with depression, fybromyalgia, cfs, apnea and any other problems that are related to sleeping difficulties.
I have restless leg syndrome, muscles twitching and going into spasms. Irritable bowel syndrome, which goes along with cfs and many other related symptoms for cfs.
This link might help :) http://www.cfids.org/