My Battle

I can't really remember exactly when it all started ,it was so long ago. I was in year 9 I went on a school excersion to melbourne, and that's when i got sick. I had three days off school after that. I went to the doctors and they told me that I had Glandular Fever. I didn't know what it was.I didn't go to school for the rest of the term, I was sick until the end of 2009. I thought that everything was all good by the start of 2010 but I was wrong. I was so anoyned i couldn't   attend school full time, I was cut off from my friends, I got really depressed.  In the middle of 2010 I was diagonsed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I felt a bit better  knowing I could put a name to  it. The rest of 2010 was the worst time for me, I stuggled with my own feelings of frustration, anger and sadness. School for me was a failure, I couldn't get my teachers to unerstand the CFS .It made so hard I didn't want to go to school becauase of it.I got little comments from other techers and kids things like "but you don't look sick", "you'll be right" , "yeah I had that". Those little comments my made life at school awful. I was really lucky though I have to loving parents and supportive family. I recently dicoverd a group called CHIPS not the kind you eat. "Chronic Ilness Peer Support" run by the Royal Melborune Children's Hospital. Thier objective is to bring together young people who are suffering from chronic illness, to help them get the correct suport they need and to talk to other peole there age about what they are going thorugh. CHIPS for me was my saving grace, it made me  feel heaps better about my ilnness, it gave me confidence to speak openly about it. I've been sick now for 3 and half years my battle with Glandular Fever and Chronic Fatigue Syndome hasn't been easy but I feel now that i'm on the home straight. 
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yay the specialist said that I'm almost better now =) =)