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I am 22 and suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,Hypothyroidism, Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, abnormal liver function and have suffered from most of these issues my whole life. CFS onset began severely in 2007/08 after a bad case of Glandular Fever. Doctors also believe that the fact I had Celiac Disease but was undiagnosed until 2009, may have contributed to the state I'm in today. My immune system may as well not exist and I find myself picking up everything without actually leaving my bed. The frustration of existing without actually 'living' is something I can't get past, despite making efforts to improve my state through medications and therapies and psychiatry. I know there are people worse off, but that doesn't improve the daily pain and sickness. I have lost all friends and I am unable to work, so my mother is my full-time carer and my two cats are my greatest companions. Hope is usually hard to find. Thanks for reading!!
Pamhalpert Pamhalpert
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pls try to find answers on ur own and fight,,,dont give up ur life ..there are ways to heal that...check hallelujah diet...
aww cats are the best friends .....

also check if u dont have lyme....

Very sorry to hear about your plight. It is very rough to go through what you are experiencing, I'm struggling with CFS too! Remember to try and love yourself even through the dark moments, I find meditation gives me a blissful escape for a few moments from my overwhelming life. Hope you get better. If you can try and read the book "recovering from CFS: 50 personal stories" by Alexandra Barton. It gave me much needed hope that I will recover someday.

I hope you get better