My Mother Thinks I'm Wasting Life, She Doesn't Understand My Illness..

I'm on summer holiday at the moment. I haven't been able to see friends for the past week because my fatigue is on a downward spiral. My mother said to me today 'don't you think you're wasting your life? you should get out there and stop cancelling plans with people'.. also, my sister said 'you're not ill, you're just lazy' .. these things were quite insensitive and hurtful. Of course I feel like i'm wasting my life, but what other option do I have? I'm no where near well enough to travel in the car for an hour, do activities with people and drive back for an hour. I really am beginning to feel like she doesn't understand how unwell I am. And as for what my sister said, that's just upsetting. It's not laziness, i'm genuinely horrifyingly ill. I don't understand why she'd say that.
I can't help that I have Fatigue or M.E, it's a horrible experience for me without all these comments from the ones I love the most!
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I hear you, I had CFS for 3 years, however now I've been given the all clear. In terms of the social isolation from friends and not be able to lead a normal life, I totally get you and understand, and don't let anyone family or otherwise tell you how you feel inside because only you know.You will find people throughout your life who just don't get it, who don't get CFS and don't understand it, however just remember though that your family loves you, and you will get through it there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay Strong

I've had this for 9 months and I can't walk properly but all everybody keeps saying is that I hav to one understands how damaging and painful everything is! I wouldnt wish this upon anyone, however there are times when I wish I could just give the illness to someone for 2 minutes so they can understand how painful and agonising it is to have this life and be basically powerless to change it. I had just begun a professional dance college when I got I'll, now I've had to give up, I have lost my ability to walk, my friends and the ability to be listened to in my family. My mum is my rock however, although she hears me she doesn't listen. Please help!

I have been through and still go through the same thing, you will have your ups and downs with the difficulty of walking but eventually over time being able to walk or walk easier will come back. I too want to be a dancer and it's so hard when having chronic fatigue but I know that somehow someway I will live my dream of being on that stage even if it's just for a day. I believe the same for you. You just have to try and keep some faith no matter how hard it gets and take it one day at a time.

My parents are dicks too. They actually kicked me out of the house for a while during the most severe stage of the illness. CFS is no joke. Take care of yourself, because you won't feel better for a long, long time.

well that's a negative way of looking at things haha! well, i wish you the best of luck with everything, friend! and i hope your illness fades away quickly!!

Sorry for the negativity! Pain makes me grumpy. Hope you are feeling better.

I'm in the same position as you. <br />
ill, fatigued and just dam right tired ;P<br />
Hang on in there...

you too man! best of luck to you :') xx