How Mine Started

Not going to make this long.  I was in a miserable relationship and got very, VERY sick.  I went to the doctor and they told me I had mono, epstein~barr..........

I couldnt care for my kids.  This fatique went on for YEARS and I couldnt finish anything I started.

I was usually active when I felt good, but that wasnt often.  This interfered with every aspect of my life.

17 years later, I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Look into mono/epstein barr virus and MS.

If you had the virus, leaves you suseptable to getting MS.

It all makes sense for me now. 

Day to day, I can't function.  I'm always usually in bed.  And my brain is always in the clouds.

Neveah Neveah
18-21, F
7 Responses Jun 17, 2008

if You look from the point that environmental and food toxins,mercury ,lead ,gluten are triggers etc for CF and MS
it is true ...
these can bring all sorts of health problems ,cancers,MS etc
but I wouldnt agree with having CF and then MS .....
what happened in Your case in my humble opinion is that CF was brought upon You by bad conditions in Your life lack of high quality foods and huge stress in abusive relationship...that put Your immune system completely down and further because of lack of information available You may never realized that You needed high quality ingredients and high quality nutrients in Your diet and Your health went down the hill
but there are many new informations on the web where You can read about ppl living symptoms free life when they are providing building block for their health
pls check u tube vids of dr Terry Wahls who was is herself MS sufferer but lives symptoms free due to changes in what she eats etc....this is really very important ...
also look at Allelujah Diet website .....
I dont want to be "smart" here just want to help ...
never mind my advice if You do not agree with...

Thanks for sharing write again there is hope.

Thank you so much, as I will pray for you as well. God Bless you! You are a wonderful woman!

I am very sorry to hear about your condition. I will put in a prayer for you and hope that you get feeling better. Life is never to short for miracles to occure. I have not been diagnosed with anything other than major depression but I can tell you that I have experienced a lot of the same signs and symptoms as you such as fatigue, my brain failing to be alert or sharp at times. I appreciate you sharing your experience as it may help me and others better understand some of the viruses that occur in day to day life. God Bless and Hope you get well.

Sometimes $ is not important as the life we have. I do understand what you mean about money. But then it depends what you need, want and what makes you happy. I don't know anything about you so can't really say anything just want to help somehow. Vacation sounds good. Maybe working holiday so you can work and enjoy same time? Get well all good luck.

Moving to the ocean has been our dream. We been trying for a few years but where we are familiar there's not the kind of work that my husband would make much $. Ocean water really seems to help, though. I forgot until I got your message... Thank you for the enlightenment. I will seriously think about a long vacation at the beach.....

Some people would love to be in the clouds.<br />
But seriously. All I can do is wish you better days and strength. You may want to consider moving to another state or location with sea breeze. It helped to many people. I know it's easy to say but on the end it's your life and if it's actually non existing you have nothing to loose. I don't know much about this just quick look ate the web. It must be hard for you but I always say "Never Give Up" Medicine is progressing and