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I have CFS, i struggle to get through each day.
Are there people like me out there? Do others know what I am going through? Or how i feel day to day? Is there people who spend an entire day in bed and still feel exhausted? or it is just me??
I am 19, no 19 year old lives this way.
I was sporty, Netball, Swimming, Dancing and any other sport i could join. I was studying Physical Education at uni. Now i make sport out of how many movies or tv shows i can watch in a day. I no longer go to uni and i am at home full time. For someone who had some kind of activity everyday of the week this is truely difficult.
My life has changed dramatically, my symptoms are not like what I have read about. I just hope there is someone who knows how i feel. I am always dizzy, i feel light headed like i could pass out. I do feel tired and have no energy like all the others to the point where its not tiredness its exhaustion. My body doesnt recover like it used to. Certain foods make me feel worse. And on my worst days, i dont even leave my bed. I dont get out a lot, dont see family and friends.
I guess iv shortened this down, but im so tired that the words on the computer screen are blurred and its hard to see the keys on the keypad.
So please, if there is anyone out the who feels the way i do. It would be nice to know..
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I know exactly how you feel. I'm much older than you but I do relate. I'm 49, was a stay at home mom to my three son's. They are now all in college and I look back on the day's I would get up at 5 am and be on the go swimming, bike riding, going to the park, making dinner, laundry, cleaning, painting rooms and wonder when exactly did this all start? I really don't remember, I'm thinking it was about ten years ago that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. My restless leg syndrome was so severe I was literally not sleeping for several days at a time, not even napping. It was a nightmare. It took several years and many doctors to finally find someone able to treat my RLS and keep it under control so that I could sleep, however, once I did finally start sleeping again, I never felt the same. I was tired all the time. Not just tired but exhausted, even after a good night's sleep. I stopped going out with friends and even family functions were a struggle to get to, I just wanted to sleep. This caused me to become very depressed. Family just didn't understand, they felt depression was causing all of my problems and still do! I feel like a lot of people I thought would be there for me gradually stopped calling, I guess I wasn't the most exciting person to be around. I know longer have a relationship with my younger sister, she flat out thought I was making the whole thing up. There are days now that I'll stay in my PJ's all day if there is nowhere I have to be. I don't know why but getting a shower and getting dressed, doing hair, etc...just exhausts me. I went from being an outgoing person with lots of friends to a couch potato and I basically have no one to even talk to. It's just a very lonely existence. I wish you more luck than I have had. I have an appt. with an endocrinologist next week and I'm hoping he'll find something and tell me it's not chronic fatigue after all! I doubt that is going to happen, just wishful thinking! You're young, who knows what they'll learn about it in the years to come, hopefully a cure!!!

There is heaps out there some don't even no it yet but i understand wat ur going thru giving up the life u enjoyd to b stuck in bed al da tym nd in pain

Yes I do know how you feel. I spend 90% of my time in bed or on the couch and it sucks. People just think I'm lazy but I'm not. I would love to go play sport or just go out with friends. But the fact is I just can't find the energy to do anything.
Apparently it gets better but after more then a year I'm not seeing the better side :(

Thank god someone gets it.
im so bored of being sick, its frustrating and i get angry about it all the time. I feel so helpless.
How long has it been for you? A year?
Its been 9 months for me. and im fed up.

Hello! I am in the same situation as you guys and im 17 years old. Have you guys seen numerous doctors? ive tried and tried but they all say im fine and that theres nothing they can do :( WTH?? But yes i really do udnerstand the feeling. Staying in bed all day makes us feel so unproductive. I really hope they find a cure for this someday or even find the causes. But keep your head high and know that theres someone who feels the same way :( Have had this for two years..

Hi there, I'm the same, 26 years old & am the same. Had a severe viral infection almost 2 years ago and never recovered. Haven't been able to work and am house bound. Just exhausted all the time :( Seen so many doctors and specialists it's not funny.