I Have Chronic Fatigue And/or Cfs. :)

Hey everyone. I'm 14 and i'm living with chronic fatigue and/or CFS. i first began getting many symptoms of this when i was 11. so i've been living with it for roughly 3 years. i was doing a lot of research just about different ways to help cope with some of the symptoms today and i came across "talking to and reading other peoples stories" so i thought cool, this looks very sensible and like a really good idea because these people can truly understand what your going through. thats then i found a link onto this site, and since i already have an account i thought this was perfect.

Except, while i was reading some peoples story's i was pretty much in tears by how everyone will tell you this "ruins your life" and about how "horrible it is" even about how "suicide looks great".

Honestly. Yes, this is a hard thing to deal with. But, you CAN have an amazing life life. You just have to deal with this in the right way.
I've spent these 3 years pretty much in and out of hospitals, running tests having scans. Even been put on drip's to try and figure out whats going on.

i have now found out very recently what my condition is most likely to be and it makes a lot of sense since i have the majority of the symptoms.

since everyone has an adjusted type of CFS. Mine is pretty bad, I'be spent a while being a "vegetable" as some would call it not being able to move my spine at all and having to lie down 24 hours a day for roughly 2 weeks- a month at a time. i have taken a year of of school because i just was in such bad shape i couldn't get to school.

i also have hypo-somnia (not sure if thats how you spell it.) this is where instead of not sleeping i can sleep for crazy amounts of time. And i am constantly tired and never feel refreshed.

please i would love to talk to anyone new to this condition. thank you for reading this. remember you must always stay positive and look on the bright side of things :) <3
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I'm not the only one who has CFS I'm glad I have someone I can talk to about it with and I have ADHD, autism and insomnia inbox me and we can talk a lot about it :D

I am 16 years old and have been sick for 11 months and I am still undiagnosed. I am convinced that I have CFS. I have dropped out of high school and quit all my sports and everything. It is such a frustrating illness because there's no treatments and nobody understands you. I would love if you read my story on my page. I would love to keep in contact with you and your journey with this awful illness. Stay strong.

i've been dealing with this for almost 3 years now and time has flown by. i have missed two years of school. And have only been back at school for the past year. i was so determined not to let this effect me.my life is going back on track with just a few things that make me different to the rest of my friends. i now am getting A*-C grades and have amazing friends and a boyfriends who has constantly been there for me. if you ever need anyone to talk to just contact me. i would love to hear about your life with this illness. stay strong. live and love with every moment of your life. and never loose hope. &lt;3

Hey my doctor thinks I may have CFS. I have been told not to worry about it but it's made me stop my sports and you said that people say that it can ruin their lives. Is this true? Because I'm kinda getting worried. Sorry if that's lame, I just don't know what's happening.

i cannot do any sport what so ever, but that in no way ruins your lives. you just have to appreciate everything you have, think of it like if you moved house. you need to get used to it. you'll understand everything that makes you happy and you know what you don't like to do. as long as no hope is lost your life will be on the path of happiness. live one day at a time and love every minute.

That is true and live one day at a tym

Hi, i'm 14 as well and have been sick for 4 years . I am so amazed at the way you can handle chronic fatigue. This inspires me so much. i have just recently been feeling depressed and this was such a lift. please continue to write so others can see this. Stay strong! :)

Hi, seeing your comment today made me smile so so so much! this is the attitude everyone should have :) I'm so happy my story inspired you. i would love to read yours. :D never give up!