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Hi, I've been sick since sep 2009. I became very sick one day with what seemed to be flu. I was throwing up, bad headaches, fever, etc. The fevers last for six months or so. I seemed to be getting better summer 2010, but then started feeling worse again. I even got back to work full time. Late 2010 or early 2011 I started to get more fatigued and feeling really ill again. I had to go on disability for a stint and only worked part time up until June of 2012 when I has to stop working. My body just gave up on me.
My symptoms are unnatural fatigue, lightheadedness, flu like pain, etc. I would describe it as having mono 24/7. I have a very odd sensitivity to heat. I get very sick if I get overheated. Temps in the 80s are very hot to me now. I also did not sweat at all for about a year. Now, I do sweat minimally. Activity level is very low. Any exertion causes me a great deal of discomfort. I feel like I need to stop or I'll have a heart attack. I've had a couple of stress tests that found nothing wrong with my heart. Walking up steps makes me feel like a just sprinted 100 meters or did some heavy squats. Lifting 5-10 lbs gives me the same feeling.
Prior to becoming ill I was very athletic. I was in excellent anaerobic and aerobic shape. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms. I understand those who say others don't understand. That is very hard to deal with. It's not logical for someone to become lazy and seemingly apathetic if they weren't before becoming ill. Not understanding what's going on is very trepidating.
Thanks and have a great day.
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You could have CFS(Chronic Faitgue Syndrome) some of the symptoms your are describing sound like CFS the discomfort when exert yourself physically and lack of engery as well as the headahces. I had CFS when I was 16 for two years and I experienced quiet a few of the symptoms your describing.My advice to you is don't ignore it,if the symtoms get worse go to a doctor