I have c.f.s. to along with M.S.,so i have lots of brain fog.I hate it expecially when i am shopping and i have to ask my husband what am i here for!!But I Just try to laugh it off,and if i say things that dont make sence he just says sure dear!!He even has my friends saying that to.

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not really. i have good days and not so good days.i haven't had it lately. mostly my worst one is the bone tired fatigue. hot and cold, unnecessary sweating, swelling at any time. if i stay on my protocol i don't have it too bad. i eat the wrong food earlier and within 10 minutes my waist swelled 2 inches so my clothes are uncomfortable.

been there done that on any given day I don't know what I am doing. and never remember what I've done

ask your dr. to give you an M.R.I. it sounds like he needs to take more care of you.A spinal tap can also tell alot.Dont be afraid to ask him about this!!