My Story So Far

Jan, 1999 i had meningo encephalitis.  Even though I recovered from the infection, my life has not been the same as I never have been back to pre-infection health.  Six months later, I was diagnosed with ME.  The next year, my health had deteriorated so much that I had to quit my job. 

In 2001 I decided to make a career change, and started BA Psychology degree.  In 2006 I completed a MA Psych degree and will start practicing as a psychologist later this year. 

My story so far has been hard.  Having CFS is a hard road, not for the faint hearted.  And yet it has had so many benefits.  It's hard to be a people pleaser when you have enough energy to brush your teeth and go to the loo, and not much more!  Even though it was very challenging, I now am in a very flexible career in a field that was made for me. 

I have learnt to water my own garden.  Not many friends have been able to stick by me as its hard to stay close to someone who cancels coffee dates and hanging out together all the time!  Yet, my friends I have after nearly a decade of CFS are gems and dearly loved. 

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Hello, please message me if you are interested in talking about coping with life and CFS. Much love.

I agree, this has taught me to take care of myself and that my energy is valuable. I don't take things for granted. I enjoy every second when I feel well and I have learned to live one day at a time!

I am thankful that you wrote and if I can help let me know read the other comments that I wrote earlier and do some reseach but the best you can do is find a Dr. that treats cfs/fibro other drs don't beleive it is real because there are no definitive tests to and my dr said itis not enough to say it is epstein-barr or mono and then tell you to go home in suffer some. If any of you are in the east texas area i can give you the name of an excellent dr. when I went to him the talked to me for almost 2 hours and he said boldly that if I follow what he asks that I would get better and he was so right. let me know if I can help

please send me the name & address of your doctor. thanks

What is ME?

I'm sorry to hear that but at least you bounced back and have ppl you can truely call friends. I wish you the best of luck in your new career you are an inspiration to ppl who have dealt with the same thing or something else that makes life a little more difficult. You prove that even when faced with problems you should never give up.