The Day My Life Got Turned Upside Down

My last term of high school ever and my ever so perfect life got turned completely upside down. Dumped by my long term boyfriend out of the blue, and sufferring from what my doctors though was just a chest infection and thalessemia(hereditary iron deficiency) I thought life couldn't get any worse. But I just didn't get better... weeks turned into months and Im still out for the count.

The doctors are reluctant to call it chronic fatigue, and say I have the milder post viral fatigue... same thing really. And I hate it... Being home from boarding school Im trying to do my best to hide it from my family, telling them Im fine. But all I want to do is lie in bed all day and all night. I can never get enough sleep. But when I'm lying in bed all I can do is think about how **** everything has suddenly gotten, how I will never get my life back. Whenever I think of high school all I can think about is how this has ruined hat should have been the best term of my life.

And of course there's no end. Some days are good days, some are bad... but I don't want to tell anyone. my friends think Im just a drama queen, getting"depressed" over lost love, and my parents think Im "better". In fact the only person who knows is my ex, but he doesnt seem to care at all about how shatterred my life is

I just want to get out of bed and run again. To be myself  

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3 Responses Dec 21, 2008

Hi there,
I know this was written a few years ago now and you probably are not still connected with this site but if you are I would love to know how you are doing now.

My story is similar to yours, my life was fantastic, I was a very active person with a full-time job, studying at the same time, and my boyfriend and I were living in a flat with some of our friends. Things started taking a turn for the worse, I began to have daily headaches, soon began nausea, dizziness, fainting, and of course extreme fatigue. At first I tried to keep at my job - which was fairly physical at times, but after a period of sickness lasting longer than 3 weeks something had to be done. Every test under the sun came back fine, meanwhile we were forced to move into my boyfriend's parents house. I managed to get 6 months sick leave from work with my job still guaranteed, now I just need to get myself better. I was starting to feel on the up - like I could beat this thing, then out of the blue my boyfriend (of three years) dumped me, saying he didn't love me anymore and I never went out to parties with them! Exhausted, confused, and so so hurt, I am now living back at my parents house, without my best friend to help me through this illness which has absolutely compounded and I cannot see a light at the end of this tunnel.

It gets no better. I agree with the other commenter; doctors are worthless. It's not so much that they are unable to treat CFS than they are unwilling to even admit that it exists. My parents think I'm full of ****, and all my friends thought I was being dramatic, too. Make sure you're not depressed first, because I've had both depression and CFS at the same time, and the CFS is so much more manageable if you're treating the depression.<br />
I've had some luck taking vitamins; message me and I can give you a list. Good luck.

I hate to say it but this condition doesn't get better on it 's own. I have suffered with this all of my life. the only positive thing I can say is that it won't kill me like cancer. When I found out, after going to many bad DR.'s who just took my money and wasted my time. I found a good DR. who helped me and I searched everywhere. There ways to alleviate some of the symptoms. 1. look for a dr. that treats this condition there are still dr.'s that think it is in your head and steal $300. 2. ask for this specialized blood work LEAP any dr. can order it but sadly most insurance plans don't cover it. 3. have a sleep study done. This made a big difference in my life. I am on 2 antidepressants that help me one (effexor xr) gives me energy in the day and takes away the dull achy pains and nortripline helps me sleep. basically this illness is considered like RA in the soft tissue. Also we don't sleep good the deep restorative sleep so we don't make or utitize seratonin and thats why we have so much pain. read 'what your dr. won't tell about fibromyalgia" by Paul St. Amand, it tells alot of the symptoms most people don't know but there are around 60 different awful ones and they come and go. They just get worse as you get older. I am 53 and I am doing better now than most times in my life.the connective tissue disorder website is a good one. it basically states the this is a symptom of magnesium defeciency. write me anytime I want to help anyone I can.