Being Diagnosed With Chronic Hepatitis B And Dealing With It

I found out I had Hep B when I started college. It came up during the routine tests they do for new students. Up until then, my life was fine. College was supposed to be my big break. Instead I got an earful from my doctor, about how I'm supposed to be responsible about not spreading it around. Funny thing is, I was a virgin back then. I never took drugs. Heck, I've never even tried alcohol. So I don't know, what he was thinking about. I still think he was a crappy doctor.

But the worst part was, my parents. They made my life a living hell. They thought it was MY FAULT of contracting this from God knows where. Being the ignorant that they were, they made me use separate utensils and other stuff. I felt like an untouchable. I wasn't physically ill. But the emotional turmoil was much worse then anything I ever faced before. And that led to the darkest chapter of my life. I spiraled into depression. I withdrew from my friends. I started to flunk classes. But nobody cared. As if it wasn't their responsibility to deal with it. At times, I begged them, if I could take interferon. They didn't approve. I wasn't allowed to talk about it to anyone. Those were the days I wished I was dead.

But life moves on. I graduated from college. I married a wonderful guy. I moved out of my country. I went back to graduate school. I'm living my life the best way I can.

I met wonderful doctors here in USA, who understood my situation. They assured me over and over again how I can be healthy. One of them dived into my pile of numerous test results to understand how I contracted this in the first place. Yes, I was vaccinated for Hep B, when I was 10. And no, it didn't work. In fact, that's how I got mine. It was an era of contaminated drugs. Funny thing is I got it the same day as my two cousins (their father is a doctor) and my brother. And after much begging, my brother was recently tested too. He also has Hep B. This makes me so angry at my parents. How could they live in such denial? They never even bothered to test everyone! But didn't stop from criticizing me!

That's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is, learning that I have Hep B was one of the hardest thing I've ever done. But, now, I'm ok.
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I love the way that you are willing to share your experience with people and it helps a lot Iv recently got diagnosed with hep b I didn't know how I got it but it turns out my mother got tested positive for hep b too so I'm still waiting on results but I'm afraid that I might have chronic which I probably do please help me I can't cope

Hi I read your story and its very inspiring I am also suffering from Hepatitis B and like you came to know about it during routine check up while I was in college. I am very apprehensive about my marriage as no one would marry can you tell me how did you find your husband? was it love marriage or he also has hepatitis B?

That's a horrible story. Knowledge is the power. In case of those of us who grew up not knowing it's also a curse. But you can't blame your parents. You know you can't. The same as we can't blame people that are scared of us. They don't know, don't understand and often don't want to understand. It takes special someone to say - hey, I don't care! And stick by you. By the looks of it you found the guy who belongs to the group of 'special someones'. Keep smiling and take care of yourself!

What a nightmare. Great that you have got through it, but such a hard ordeal to go through. Getting diagnosed with a incurable disease it really tough when you have support and care around you. Being treated as you were is terrible. I'm really glad you got through it and you're ok now
Mike x

Thanks for your kind words! Yes, support makes all the difference. That's why I really like EP! :) I still have the virus though. It'll never go away. When I say being OK I mean mentally and emotionally OK.

Unfortunately I know from experience. Not Hep B for me, but a different incurable disease. But I'm OK too!

Hi i read your story and understand how terrible it is to be criticized by your beloved ones. this is a terrible story that you have had to go through but i feel happy for you when u said you got marriage. I was wondering how you knew the person and what happened with you two...i'm having a hard time with romantic love because of this disease though i have best friends who understand about me and i'm lucky i don't have any criticism from my family and friends. I guess it's because i'm asian and people in my country don't see hep b as much dangerous however when i came to live in Australia they take it seriously. That's why i started to be compliant with doctors orders and regular check up and i appreciate life more.