Chronic Pain

I suffer with this everyday i think i got cystitis by me having chrons i have had all kind of problems since i was 21,I get frustrated everyday cause i feel like no one understands how i feel I got depression when i had to leave my job and now i can't go back It is very hard for me to deal
kellie41143 kellie41143
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Hi Kellie,

My name is Lisa and I am 29 years old. I've suffered on and off with interstitial cystitis since I was 17. I feel like I spend most of my time in the bathroom pushing on myself to try and get my urine to come out so I can empty my bladder and get relief. I'm taking a few medications to numb the pain but the only one that actually worked for me was a pain killer called Hydroco. My urologist told me I couldn't have it anymore because it is a narcotic and I'll get addicted..but at this point I don't care, I'll take anything and everything to get rid of this pain that I wish on nobody. I started this medication called Elmiron, which is supposed to help restore the lining of my bladder so irritating substances can't get in, but it takes 3 months to kick in! In a couple of days I go back to my urologist. I'm going to try Interstim Therapy where I have to wear this wire and device that is supposed to shock my pelvic floor and help me empty my bladder and go to the bathroom less often. I feel for you Kellie, this disease has and still is ruining my life. I can't keep relationships, can't keep a full-time job ( I only work part time because of the pain) and sometimes it hurts and burns so bad I wish I were dead. I hope you have a good urologist who can give you options for relief because this is no way to live. What has your urologist done over the years to try and help you manage the pain?