Since age 10, I have been diagnosed with a deceptively painful chronic condition know as Interstitial cystitis. The pain since that day has steadily increased with age. I am at a point of indecision. I have a great dream that I am attempting to complete, however I am physically capable of doing so. I cannot press through. At the same time, there is no turning back. If I leave this path, although entangled by my personal failure, I will also be trapped in debt that is not solvable. If you want an insight to my pain here it is. Every moment of everyday I feel like I need to use the bathroom. When I use the bathroom the pain is equivalent to passing kidney stones each time. It never lets up and never diminishes. It distracts my thought process to a point of total consumption. This is not a life. It is a battle that I have lost. No medication (~40) I have tried does anything. Even large set narcotics are useless. Plus who would want to feel this way everyday anyway. Either in large pain or moderate pain and zombified. I see no logical recourse except one. The purpose of life is to live it. If one is not capable of living life then there is no reason to be alive. It is logical. I am posting here for feedback, hope, something that is logically compelling to continue. Perhaps someone can help.
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pain means there is an inflammation in a body .......
You may want to look at what cause it ......
things like sugar,wheat, milk and many more ,
maybe eliminating it could bring some relief.......
sorry You feel that bad

tried gerson?