Testical Pain

I have been suffering with Testical pain for years now. I have had a opp on my testical to remove a cyst But after a while the pain as come back. This as been going on for years now and i think the doctor now takes no notice when i go . The pain is real to me but they do nothing to help me. some times i wish i was dead as the pain gets so bad.And also one of my testicals moves in side my groin and i get pain in my Groin and abdomen. Am i the only one or is there more men out there with the same problem please let me know.
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46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

In 2001 I contracted a rare bacterial infection in my large intestine. Although it was cured, it left me with daily, chronic, excruciating intestinal pain for 10 years. I tried everything for the pain; anti-spasmodics, pain killers, diet, muscle relaxers...nothing worked. By year 10 I was taking sickening amounts of opiate narcotic painkillers. Then, a few months ago, I started drinking the juice of the fruit of the Nopal cactus with some skepticism. Well, it has been pretty miraculous. My painkiller use is now down to 30% of what it was before and I now have entire weeks with NO pain at all. If you want to try it, call 800-991-7116 and order under Affiliate number 13799873. Hope it help you too.

Thank you for the advice.

It sounds to me like it may be time for a new doctor. Your symptoms do not sound normal and you should not be dismissing them ba<x>sed on the doctor not checking the cause of the pain/discomfort. Get yourself to another doctor, specialist or someone who is gonna care about you. Don't just think about it ... DO IT!!!