Never Give Up

I have always had pain ever since I can remember. It gets so over whelming that I am not sure what to sometimes. There is no such ting as a quick fix or even relief for me. The and only memory I have of no pain was right after they injected my spine and I still probably was felling the anesthetic.


I wish I had the answer to managing my pain. I know that it is linked some how with my emotions that I have at least figured out over the years.

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I want to look into Laser surgery for my back.

What is your condition if you don't mind me asking? My pain is neck and shoulder related.

In 2001 I contracted a rare and horrible bacterial infection in my large intestine. Although it was cured a month later, it left me with daily, excruciating, chronic pain. I tried everything to get rid of the pain; anti-spasmodics, muscle relaxants, diet, accupuncture, Chinese medicine and of course, narcotic pain killers. There were so many days I just wanted to die I hurt so much. Then, a few months ago, I started drinking the juice of the fruit of the Nopal cactus, with some skepticism. Well, the results have been pretty amazing. My narcotics use is now only 30% of what it used to be and I have entire weeks of no pain at all. You can order this stuff by calling 800-991-7116 and using Affiliate Number 13799873. Hope it help you too.

Why don't you give the website?

I have been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, and numerous other things because I have been in nearly constant pain. Cymbalta seems to have helped with the muscle pain and my daily exercise and swimming routine have helped me to be able to get back to my usual habits. I think mostly doctors don't know about chronic pain and they are just fishing for an explanation.

Some doctors treat chronic pain sufferers as drug seekers...if they could spend a day - or even just a few minutes - dealing with what we have to live with maybe that would make them understand.

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Yea I have several problems that include the brain, spine, Digestive and female so it is a balancing act to try and see what is going to happen will i sleep or can I drive....I am really having a bit of a fit with myself today because I have so much cleaning to do but I get moving and then I either am losing balance or in unbearable pain, plus I am a grump for not sleeping very well. Sleep is key to managing my pain!

Is all your pain fibromyalgia or are there other things like arthritis at work as well?