I Finally Admitted Defeat...sort Of

I have had uncontrolled spasms in my neck for a few weeks now. The initial "hit" of pain after the tension had been building was horrible. It died down some to a general on-going high level of constant pain. I kept trying to work but was actually sent home twice because of it. Then came the inevitable cortisone injections that my specialist had warned me was a last resort and that he was trying everything else first, but that ultimately I'd know when it was time. Indeed, I did. I couldn't take the pain anymore and broke down crying at work from it. The next day I went to my dr's for the injections. 4 of them. Wow, all I can say nicely about the experience was that sucked. I've had injections in my back before, but somehow it wasn't nearly as painful. Before the injections, I asked my dr to check out my back as I've been having some problems with it lately as well. Apparently, I have spasms in my back which are more newly formed despite the muscle relaxers round the clock. He gave me ideas on how to try to stretch, massage or otherwise try to limit them, which so far hasn't worked. He gave me "the look" and highly suggested I not be as stubborn about my back as I have been with my neck or I won't be able to walk, which naturally would mean more time off from work. Ugh!! Basically, I've got less than a week now or I'm looking at injections in my back. I've had muscle relaxers injected in my back before which helped tremendously, but I'm definitely not looking forward to this prospect of more injections. I wish I knew someone who's been through this. This is the worst I've had it in a good 10 years. For me, the worst part is acknowledging that I'm not invincable ... Or even that I'm not like most everyone my age...that I have restrictions and need help with little things at times. Please, if you have a similar experience I'd love to hear from you. I feel so alone in this ...
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In 2001 I contracted a rare and horrible bacterial infection in my large intestine. Although it was cured a month later, it left me with daily, excruciating, chronic pain. I tried everything to get rid of the pain; anti-spasmodics, muscle relaxants, diet, accupuncture, Chinese medicine and of course, narcotic pain killers. There were so many days I just wanted to die I hurt so much. Then, a few months ago, I started drinking the juice of the fruit of the Nopal cactus, with some skepticism. Well, the results have been pretty amazing. My narcotics use is now only 30% of what it used to be and I have entire weeks of no pain at all. You can order this stuff by calling 800-991-7116 and using Affiliate Number 13799873. Hope it help you too.

*left side

I have chronic (more or less) pain in my upper-back and neck...mostly the left sign... I put ice on it anymore when it really hurts, that's the best pain relief for me. I use to have muscle relaxers (in college), but I have no health insurance, so that's out of the question. I know ice sounds simple, but really try it. It will at least help calm you down and take the edge off the pain.<br />
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I would also highly recommend yoga and trying to strengthen your back to compensate. I go to yoga once a week and gym 3x...you have to take the yoga slowly, but it will help stretch your back out and strengthen you up. May I ask what happened to hurt your back initially!?<br />
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I must say though, injecting muscle relaxers sounds amazing!! WOW! I wish I had one of those little things they use at the chiropractor...with the nodes, and the electricity pulses...that would be helpful!<br />
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But I know what you mean to always feel the pain! I've cried so many times out of frustration...after taking aleve and muscle relaxers and still having zero relief. Oh..massage is good too...esp if part of your pain (obviously) is muscles tensing up and refusing to relax. Also, and this sounds strange, but minding your sleeping posture..putting a pillow between your legs to keep your back straight when you sleep, and making sure your neck is at a good angle. You'll sleep deeper too...hmm...lastly, get a medicine ball...lay on it and roll it up and down your spine length...feels good and is very strengthening!! <br />
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God Bless.